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A Caregiver’s Valentine

When we first met, we were just like what the world imagines love to be. We could not wait to steal even a single moment away together. It was all about being half, then whole. You rose like the sun and filled the hole in me daily. How did you find the darkest corners of me and drench them in
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The Meaning of the Word Hospice

(If the blog has been quiet recently, it is not because I stopped writing. It’s because I was working on my first assignment for my “Narrative Journalism” course. This is my first course in pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts in writing. How’s it going you ask? I’m getting crushed by people who really know how to write, and
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Unrewarded Silence

Her sleeping has increased lately; a hospice nurse called this a “progression of the disease” within her.   For me, it is a painful, lonely, silent vigil. All I can do is listen to her breath and find quiet distraction, like writing. I am not over the fact that my greatest efforts are still failures. I am not “accepting” of
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I wonder if at any time King Arthur looked down at Excalibur and thought, “Excalibur, you have never failed me, I wonder if today I have failed you.” On Friday, I had a phone call with one of my wife’s hospice nurses about my recent concerns over my wife sleeping eighteen hours or more per day. My gut told me
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The Blessings of Cancer

My intent was pure, but my chest was tight. I really wanted this.  As each member of the group entered the room I introduced myself and I was welcomed with hearty handshakes, but I also noticed the sideways glances. I was welcome, but not one of them. This was a group of cancer fighters, a group of men who shared
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Caregiving in a Nutshell

My definition of caregiving: I will never be able to explain how, but I can always tell you why. Tweet


Charlie Brown Goes to the Opera

Ain’t life grand? With just a few button pushes, we can listen to music, read the headlines, or communicate across the world, but in spite of these modern     miracles, technology still struggles to express the very nuances that make us human. Very recently, I posted on Facebook that I purchased tickets to a Broadway show coming to town,
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Why Men Run

A Man’s Definition of Caregiving: where every man’s greatest fears of failure are confirmed on a daily basis. If given the right training and appropriate gear, I could stroll the surface of Mars.  In fact, I could walk into a suicide mission if I was convinced that my sacrifice would weaken the enemy and save innocent lives. In short, if
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Ho, ho, ho, and happy new year

Holidays bring stress. That’s a fact, at least in my family. But we’re a battle-tested group, small but mighty, combat-proven over the last four years of war against cancer. But the holidays seem to always know our weaknesses. This year it was my weakness that was exploited. After not being under the weather for four years, I was finally felled
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I Was Honored to Be A Guest!

This morning I was a guest of Denise Brown of on her weekly radio show called Table Talk. It was wonderful to speak to someone with such a depth of caregiving experience!  The show is here. Related articles How Do You Adjust to the Reality of Caregiving? Managing Your Caregiving Fears Tweet