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The Unvisible Man

This particular call of the wild is eventually answered by all men, but none more so than suddenly single men. Tonight’s call was simple, “I am hungry.” I walked into the place known for their famous BBQ. The hostess offered to seat me at a table, but the bar caught my eye. I picked my spot, a place that offered
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The sad, silly, single man who orders the same dinner every Friday night

When I was a child, my family had one inviolate ritual. Every Friday night my father took my mother and me to the same Italian restaurant, and while the world changed around us, he ordered chicken cacciatore. Man on the moon? Chicken cacciatore. Nixon resigned? Chicken cacciatore. Who shot J.R.? Chicken cacciatore. Even when his parents died at age 99
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The Prayer of An Empty Soul

The emptiness is deafening. Imagine having your soul pulled out of your body, only then you can imagine my days of late. Recently, I had a TV appearance about the new magazine in town that ran my article about my wife’s final hours. A day later I was a guest of honor at that same magazine’s inaugural launch party. It
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The Best We Had To Offer Her

Three months today. Three months ago today I held her face in my hands and watched her take her last breath. I felt her life drain away over the course of four years, but the final drops were the most painful. She literally expired in my hands, with my face less than a foot from hers. I felt her body
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