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Hinds Hospice’s new Wall of Remembrance A “Forever” Place for Families


“These are not just letters, and this is not just a wall. It’s a place we can meet, and talk, and be together again. For my little family, this is where conversations can be picked up where we left them, and future plans made. This will be a unique place on earth where I know I can always find her, and she will always be waiting. It is timeless ground.”

These words describe why I wanted to have my late wife’s name included on Hinds Hospice’s new Wall of Remembrance located at the new Patient & Family Service Center. I visited “The Wall” shortly after its installation; these are my initial feelings.

In the fading light of my wife’s life, I was deeply focused on each minute, each breath. All I could consider was each moment, as painful as it was.

It has been almost a year since her passing, and during this time I have carried with me a sense of something unfinished, an incompleteness. That thought left me when I finally saw her name on the “Wall of Remembrance.”

In the hospice world, the word “death” is often replaced with “transition,” and a popular image is that of the butterfly. It symbolizes how pain and tears are left behind in the making of a whole new life.

The “Wall of Remembrance” contains butterflies, lots of butterflies. Single butterflies are interspersed with the names of those who have passed until they eventually create a swarm of renewal.

The “Wall” is as emotionally powerful as it is artistically subdued. The message is simple and yet eloquent, and the more time I spent before it, the more my sense of unfinished tribute was replaced by peace. She would have approved, I certainly do.

I cannot claim to know how another person will react to “The Wall”, but for me it was like standing in front of a waterfall of contentment. It brought balance to the end of her life and a sense of continuation to mine. We now have an honored place for us to meet, which is all I’ve ever wanted since her death.

In our 24 years together, wherever she was I called home. I can now say that again.

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