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This Is Why I Write

Words touched this heart

March 28, 2015

How beautiful it is to see someone with a love like yours for your dear wife. The way you described your cast iron heart-shaped vault that you carry with you — I love how you feel her with you at your Friday night dinner.

I lost my husband of 67 years in 2014. We loved each other, but I think not with the passion I hear in your words.

When I go out to dinner myself next time, I will think of you and will have a silent conversation with my loved one.

Rose Shaw


5 Responses to “This Is Why I Write”

  1. Deborah Hamilton says:

    Dear Bob-My husband and myself were touched and inspired by
    your article about your wife and the restaurant you go to. Marriage isn’t always about valentines and roses, but about being there for the person
    you love when the going is not fun. You are an incredible writer, and as
    a freelance writer myself, you are the bomb. I’m so sorry you lost your
    wife, but as a women who lost 2 daughters and a son at birth, pain
    creates gratitude, and wisdom. And faith. But the most important thing we’d like to know. What restaurant? We want to go.
    God Bless-Debby Hamilton

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you, Deborah!

    The restaurant is Ovidios, near the corner of Bullard and Marks. Tell them I sent you! Rocco is such a gracious host and Tim and Cassie are great waiters. The whole menu is good.

    3097 W Bullard Ave, Fresno, CA 93711
    (559) 435-1396


  3. Lorraine Beam, RN says:

    Wow Bob, you were a gift to your Wife and remain a gift to Hinds. I am an After Hours Triage Nurse for Hinds Hospice; we help whenever our patients and family need us, no matter even in the middle of the night. It’s so good to see family members like you. You make our job a joy !!

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