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And the Award Goes To…

I’m watching the Academy Awards. I’m watching person after person accept a small statue for excellence in an industry based on make-believe and distraction.

Just once, I want to see a person receive an award for actual achievement in real-life, care-giving combat conditions. None of us volunteered for this.  We inherited the responsibility for someone else’s life by sharing the same blood or the same last name.

Real life silent heroism comes at such a great cost, and apparently only in the greatest of anonymity. God’s miracles don’t make the headlines, and neither do we.

And someday, when it ends, if it ever ends, we will be expected to reassemble a life from the crumbs left from our previous existence. We who have been ground down to the dirt below your boots are expected to build a new “happiness” from nothing. We, who have lost everything, are required to create something meaningful from absolute zero.

No awards please.

Just don’t abandon me when I need you.



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