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You can purchase our book at any of these fine booksellers!

This book was never about making money. The e-book price is $1.99. Please share.


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  1. […] to others in his book and his blog You mean besides the cancer? I encourage you to explore (and  buy) the […]

  2. […] This book is the story of my wife’s cancer and our journey through the medical system that eventually led us to one of the most cutting edge, lifesaving surgeries on earth. You can purchase it here for $1.99. […]

  3. Dolores Davidian says:

    Wonderful Bob! Just read THE CAREGIVER’S INCH in the Fresno Bee Sat. 7/11/15. WOW ~ POWERFUL!! Magical words flowing from the depth of your soul are divinely inspirational. You are a gifted writer whom God chose to be a rich blessing to others.

    I cling to each word you say to me. They are like glimmering pearls to encircle my neck bringing me hope, beauty and joy. The cherished memories of struggles as you quietly, gently and lovingly walked the corridors of your beloved Carole’s journey with cancer are a reflection of the holy saint that you are.

    Keep writing, keep blessing and spreading God’s “Fruits of the Spirit” LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS & SELF-CONTROL” Galatians 5:22,23. In my 85 years of life I have come to terms that God’s purpose in my life can only be fulfilled when I experience tribulations of magnitude proportions. I can only glorify my Lord when I transfer my turbulent times and fears in life to tomorrow’s overflowing with joy. The door of my life is left open when opportunities arise to give courage and hope to others. After the rain comes the awesome rainbow of blessings showering us with divine dew from Heaven.

    Thank you, Bob, for sharing life’s hurts, sorrows and joys with your readers. Truly, you are an amazing example of using your Godly gift of writing to transform lives, lifting them from quicksand to a plateau of a new life of purpose and happiness.

    A new friend ~ Dolores

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