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Caregiving in a Nutshell

My definition of caregiving: I will never be able to explain how, but I can always tell you why. Tweet

I cannot.

The last few days have taught me that happiness is optional if you stand for what is right. I cannot be a happy liar. I cannot. Tweet



  Tonight, while eating a can of cold baked beans over the kitchen sink, I was reminded that this is the holiday season, a time of thanks and feasting, perhaps not always in that order. I am very grateful for my beans. I eat them cold so my wife, who is bed-ridden in the front room, cannot smell food being
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Everyday, Everynight, and Neverday

Today is “Kiss a Caregiver Day!” Of course, the date can be arbitrary since any day qualifies as kiss a caregiver day, and please believe me that kisses and hugs are greatly appreciated on any day. But keep in mind, while the world is filled with good intentions, caregivers get it done. Caregiving is not about the good days versus
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I’m A Guest Blogger Today…

  …on, a website for and about caregivers and support. Please visit and leave some comment love! You may even see a picture of me “ribboning”!       Tweet