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Unrewarded Silence

Her sleeping has increased lately; a hospice nurse called this a “progression of the disease” within her.   For me, it is a painful, lonely, silent vigil. All I can do is listen to her breath and find quiet distraction, like writing. I am not over the fact that my greatest efforts are still failures. I am not “accepting” of
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Welcome to the Progressive Blog Party!

  Recently, I was lucky enough to find a website called It’s dedicated to caregivers and caregiving, hence the catchy title. In all honesty, I can tell you that I have sought refuge there on tough days, and hopefully, I’ve left words of encouragement on others. It provides great value to me by reminding me I am not alone.
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Death Rehearsal

    Our cat sleeps on her bed tonight. My wife also sleeps, though her irregular breathing concerns me, as it always does. It’s an idyllic setting in our home, except that I am not just burned out, I am torched from a seven-day death rehearsal, a painful week of intense caregiving. I am empty. The Thanksgiving week started with
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The Screaming Need for Silence

  I love my wife dearly, and I take my duties as her primary caregiver very seriously, almost religiously. I also have a full-time job in the computer geek world, a part-time job in the music world, and a passion for writing that demands its own pound of my flesh. When I am in balance, I can handle those responsibilities
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Like A Voice In the Wilderness Drinking

  I entered the place as if it was the old days, but I was intimately reminded that these days are not. After a tough day at work, I attended a mandatory orientation for volunteers in the hospital that runs the cancer center I’ve been invited to speak at. The training room was buzzing with youthful energy, but I was
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