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A Caregiver’s Valentine

When we first met, we were just like what the world imagines love to be. We could not wait to steal even a single moment away together. It was all about being half, then whole. You rose like the sun and filled the hole in me daily. How did you find the darkest corners of me and drench them in
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The Meaning of the Word Hospice

(If the blog has been quiet recently, it is not because I stopped writing. It’s because I was working on my first assignment for my “Narrative Journalism” course. This is my first course in pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts in writing. How’s it going you ask? I’m getting crushed by people who really know how to write, and
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Unrewarded Silence

Her sleeping has increased lately; a hospice nurse called this a “progression of the disease” within her.   For me, it is a painful, lonely, silent vigil. All I can do is listen to her breath and find quiet distraction, like writing. I am not over the fact that my greatest efforts are still failures. I am not “accepting” of
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