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The Price of Comfort

  As most of you know, I wrote a book about being a cancer caregiver. What I forgot to tell you is that I’ve dropped the price of my book to the lowest amount I can go on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. You can get the E-Book of You Mean, Besides the Cancer? for $1.99. This is not a seasonal gimmick,
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A Book Review by Writer’s Digest!

A Recent Review of “You Mean, Besides the Cancer” by a judge at the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards:   In reading this book, one naturally develops a remarkable respect for its author. He had delved into territory that many men face (when asked to become the primary caregiver for a cancer-stricken wife), yet few document, or at least few
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The Wellspouse Book Review is an online community made up of caregivers. Each of us has our own story and all of our burdens are unique but we are all bonded by our purpose, to keep the promise of  “…for better or worse…” Teri Corcoran is one of the editors of the website and of their quarterly publication called “Mainstay”. This is her
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You Are Invited To A Book Signing

April 22 is a big day! It’s my first ever book signing.  For the record, this is as daunting to me as jumping out of an airplane, parachute optional, but enough about me. April 22nd is also Carole’s birthday! Please come and meet this incredible woman and wish her a happy birthday! You can get your book signed by the
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A Writer’s Block Party Book Review!

A big thank you goes out to Lisa Taylor at Writer’s Block Party for her review of our book! She has even made it more special by offering to donate five dollars to the American Cancer Society for every book purchased between April 11 – 15! This is truly a unique book, and despite a few personal misgivings, I’m honored
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In preparation for this new unknown called ‘chemotherapy’, I have again been forced to take stock of what is, and what is not important. My thoughts are brief. Blogs become books, books become trash. If that is not a perfect analogy for life then nothing is. It doesn’t matter. Regardless of fame or fortune, joy or sorrow, even regardless of
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Dreams Realized

  Our copies have finally arrived. This is the first time seeing my words in print. I don’t think I’ll forget the feeling very soon. Tweet

Book News and More Book News

Things are starting to really move quickly. And what makes all of this so interesting is that I have zero control over any of it. Sounds a lot like 2011 did for us, doesn’t it? Every person on earth welcomes getting positive reinforcement. It’s doubly true when you’ve mustered the courage to put your most intimate feelings on paper, and
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A New Book Review

“Balanced with thoughts on God, art, worship, purpose, and love, You Mean, Besides the Cancer? flows smoothly, shaded with light and dark in the writing as well as the accompanying photographs—most of which Marcotte took himself. Faith plays a role in Marcotte’s journey, and he doesn’t fail to notice the blessings sprinkled through his experience: there is praise for quality physicians, pride
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Twice Bitten By the Same Snake

Baseball games played in August are often referred to as the ‘Dog Days’ of the season. Typically this is a point where a fatigue sets in from having already played so many games, and that fatigue is compounded by the hottest days of the summer. I’m not sure how dogs got the blame for this. Maybe the outfielders shouldn’t stand
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