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Hinds Hospice’s new Wall of Remembrance A “Forever” Place for Families

“These are not just letters, and this is not just a wall. It’s a place we can meet, and talk, and be together again. For my little family, this is where conversations can be picked up where we left them, and future plans made. This will be a unique place on earth where I know I can always find her,
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My Demons Are In Shape

Many things have become apparent to me after the passing of my wife. Some things were obvious well before she died, like my lack of skills in the kitchen, but my most recent revelation kinda stings to think about: my demons are in shape. When people inquire about me lately, they all seem to agree that keeping busy is “good”
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The Italian Time Machine

Since my wife passed some six months ago, I’ve been compelled to do “good” things. Perhaps this is motivated by all the help we received over the four years of her cancer, perhaps on a larger scale by the sense of guilt I still carry from once being in desperate need of such help. I don’t know, but any way
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The sad, silly, single man who orders the same dinner every Friday night

When I was a child, my family had one inviolate ritual. Every Friday night my father took my mother and me to the same Italian restaurant, and while the world changed around us, he ordered chicken cacciatore. Man on the moon? Chicken cacciatore. Nixon resigned? Chicken cacciatore. Who shot J.R.? Chicken cacciatore. Even when his parents died at age 99
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