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Welcome to the Progressive Blog Party!



Recently, I was lucky enough to find a website called Caregiving.com. It’s dedicated to caregivers and caregiving, hence the catchy title. In all honesty, I can tell you that I have sought refuge there on tough days, and hopefully, I’ve left words of encouragement on others. It provides great value to me by reminding me I am not alone. Friends and relatives are great to talk to, but getting to associate with other caregivers is like meeting family you never knew you had.

This week is a Progressive Blog Party! Caregiving bloggers from all over the world are visiting each other’s blogs leaving comments and links back to their own blog in an effort to introduce themselves, and ultimately expand their support network.

You don’t have to be a member ofCaregiving.com or have a blog to join the party; you’re welcome to read the stories of incredible people doing one of the most noble things you can do with a life: dedicating it to the care of another.

And please take my word for this: every comment makes a caregiver a little stronger. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings!

It’s a party! Grab seat, put your feet up, and join us. I promise you that it will restore your faith in people, and we all need that from time to time! You can start by checking out Caregiving.com.


PS – If you are new to this blog, may I suggest Like A Voice In the Wilderness Drinking,  Everyday, Everynight, and Neverday, and Hospice and the Crayon Man.  If you are new to caregiving, I suggest The House of Mirrors Will Shatter and Beautiful People.


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2 Responses to “Welcome to the Progressive Blog Party!”

  1. Denise says:

    It’s been so wonderful to have you with us. Although we wish we could have met under different circumstances, we are blessed to be know you and to walk with you.

    I love the ornament on the tree. We must make time for our dreams.

    Happy Blog Party!

  2. Hi Bob,
    It is great to be a part of the Holiday Blog party with you. I’ve enjoyed reading your post on Caregiving.com and sharing our Caregiving stories. I especially liked what you said in your post above…”every comment makes a caregiver a little stronger!” That is so true.

    It is a pleasure to share ourCaregiving journeys together.

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