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The Blessings of Cancer

My intent was pure, but my chest was tight. I really wanted this.  As each member of the group entered the room I introduced myself and I was welcomed with hearty handshakes, but I also noticed the sideways glances. I was welcome, but not one of them. This was a group of cancer fighters, a group of men who shared
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The Screaming Need for Silence

  I love my wife dearly, and I take my duties as her primary caregiver very seriously, almost religiously. I also have a full-time job in the computer geek world, a part-time job in the music world, and a passion for writing that demands its own pound of my flesh. When I am in balance, I can handle those responsibilities
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Everyday, Everynight, and Neverday

Today is “Kiss a Caregiver Day!” Of course, the date can be arbitrary since any day qualifies as kiss a caregiver day, and please believe me that kisses and hugs are greatly appreciated on any day. But keep in mind, while the world is filled with good intentions, caregivers get it done. Caregiving is not about the good days versus
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